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govmates NextGen

Jan 22, 2024

Join me for a discussion with Cy Alba Partner at PilieroMazza PLLC as we get deep with IP and Data Rights - what do they mean, what can you do, and what do you need to know?

Dec 27, 2023

So you've joined govmates (You have joined, right? if not - go here 👉🏽 )but now what? Let me tell you a little about how you can get the most out of your govmates membership in 2024. 

Dec 11, 2023

Join Meg and Tom Marlow from Dark Wolf Solutions for a discussion on Government Security and the Valley of Death. Get your pen ready, it is note-taking time! 

Nov 13, 2023

This week, Meg is joined by Albert Darlington from BOOST LLC to talk about all things in the HR & Recruiting world when it comes to GovCon Growth. 

Visit to connect with Albert and the BOOST SMEs for your GovCon Growth Needs. 


Oct 23, 2023

Join Meg for a discussion with Courtney Fairchild of Global Services Inc to discuss the importance of preparing for bid season alongside ways in which you can avoid the costly effects of Shiny Object Syndrome in procurement. 

Visit Courtney on LinkedIn: